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Library Network Apps

Veterans Affairs Library Network apps provide library resources to VA Staff and employees and students and trainees in affiliated teaching programs in support of patient care.

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Access - by McGraw Hill


Provides access to books, videos, images, and study materials in nine disciplines.

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BoardVitals Medical Exam Prep


Provides practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners with study resources for advanced certification.

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Browse, read, save, and monitor scholarly journals of interest in various subject areas.

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Access clinical text books, journals, guidelines, multimedia, and more using this search engine.

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Lexicomp Online for Dentistry


Access dental and medical reference information and clinical decision support tools to help with diagnosis and treatment.

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Pharmacist’s Letter


Evidence-based findings with concise recommendations on the latest drug information to help pharmacists make care decisions.

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Pharmacy Technician’s Letter


Vetted by clinicians, this resource includes evidence-based recommendations about new medications and updated guidelines.

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Find information on the effects of biological, chemical, and physical agents on pregnancy, reproduction, and development.

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Skillsoft Learning App


Access courses, books, and videos across various subject areas to enhance your professional performance.

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Full text book, journals, and other point-of-care tools such as drug calculators.

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Access evidence-based clinical information covering 25 specialties with this clinical decision support resource.

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Access diagnostic clinical decision support at the point of care.