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Lexicomp Online for Dentistry

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This app is not maintained by the VA but is included in the national subscriptions purchased and sponsored by the Library Network Office.


Lexicomp Online for Dentistry (LOD) provides reference information and screening tools to help answer questions on prescribing, diagnosis and treatment. It includes dental-specific pharmacology information on over 8,000 prescription drugs, over the counters (OTCs) and natural products, plus tools like a state-of-the-art lesion diagnosis aid and a drug interactions/drug allergy screener. LOD also includes an interactions screening tool, Medication Safety Check tab which displays a list of drugs from a medication category that aren't likely to interact with a patient's regimen.


To install/renew your subscription, please click here for device specific installation instructions.


For help with this app, contact the Library Network Office at:
Email: vhalno@va.gov