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Rules to Post in the VA Mobile App Store

The Office of Connected Care (OCC) provides the VA Mobile App Store to catalog an app outside of the commercial mobile app stores. This helps Veterans and their Caregivers find apps that were created just for them without having to go to the commercial app stores and search amongst millions+ apps. It also allows OCC to create custom content for these apps, for example: screenshots, YouTube videos, at a glance promotional materials, user manuals and other support materials to include how to get help. It also allows VA to create a robust taxonomy in the backend of the app store to further aid findability.

The VA Mobile App Store​​​​​​​ is available to anyone on the public Internet.

Below are the rules to post in the OCC VA Mobile App Store:

  1. Apps must be tagged to one or more categories:
    Apps must need to be tagged one (or more) of these categories: For Veterans, For Healthcare Professionals, For Family/Caregivers.
  2. Apps point users to one or more of 3 places:
    App listings can direct users to Apple's public App Store, Google Play, or hosted Web Apps. OCC doesn't point any listings to the VA's internal app store for Provider apps, which is administered on VA’s AirWatch and not publicly available. All apps posted are available on public resources. No apps are actually hosted on the store. The store is primarily a reference to direct users to official app locations.
  3. Only mobile apps are supported:
    Apps created specifically for installation on PC, Mac or non-mobile devices will not be listed.
  4. Apps are required to have a description and contact information on how to get help:
    Without the listed information, OCC will not post the app because not all apps are supported by the OCC Helpdesk.
  5. To qualify, one of these rules must be met:
    1. Apps must have some relationship with VA either through contract or a formal business agreement.
    2. Apps must be produced and owned by VA.
    3. Apps must correspond to a device or capability purchased/used by VA (e.g. hearing aid apps, Butterfly IQ ultrasound app, etc).
    4. The app is approved for access to VA resources through the VA API Platform/VA's Lighthouse initiative.