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VA Mobile FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about VA Mobile. If you need assistance with an app, visit the app’s page on the VA App Store and refer to the FAQ section. If there is no FAQ section available, refer to the help section on the app page for further assistance.

What is VA Mobile and who can use VA’s mobile apps?

VA Mobile develops technologies to expand care for Veterans beyond the traditional office visit. VA Mobile develops apps designed for both Veterans and VA care teams. These apps expand Veterans’ access to care, facilitate coordination and communication between Veterans and their VA care teams, and improve the VA care experience.

To ensure privacy and security of VA health data, some apps require Veterans to sign in using a secure sign-in partner. Sign-in partners include DS Logon Level 2 (Premium), ID.me, and My HealtheVet Premium. For more information on getting a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium), ID.me, or My HealtheVet Premium account, visit mobile.va.gov/login-information or dial 800-983-0937.

Apps for VA care teams that access a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) are available only through VA’s secure network.

What format are the apps available in, and what is currently available?

VA Mobile apps are available in both native and web app format. To find newly released apps and preview some in development, visit the VA App Store.

Native apps: Native apps are built specifically for iOS, Android, or other mobile operating systems. Native apps can be downloaded directly onto your mobile device.
Web apps: Many VA apps were developed using HTML5 for use with an internet browser. VA apps displaying your personal health information are built as web apps to ensure that they reach the largest number of platforms, devices, and users possible.
Web apps are built like websites and can be accessed through either a mobile device or a computer with an internet connection. No download is required for web apps.
None of your VA medical information is stored on your device or computer unless you create a file of your medical record and save it to your device or computer.

Where can users request technical support for VA mobile apps?

Training materials and user manuals for each app are available at the VA App Store.

Veterans: For app support, contact VA Mobile Health Help Desk at 877-470-5947. For TTY assistance, dial 711.

VA care team members: For app support, contact the VA Mobile Health Help Desk at 844-482-6624. For TTY assistance, dial 711
Are you a VA staff member interested in developing a new VA app? Learn more about VA’s app development process at the Developer Portal Home page and request app development assistance on the VA Mobile App Intake page.

Is VA developing a My HealtheVet app? How are VA Mobile apps different from My HealtheVet?

VA is not developing a My HealtheVet app at this time. However, much of the functionality available through My HealtheVet is available through VA mobile apps. VA Mobile apps provide options for Veterans for refilling prescriptions and sending messages to their VA care teams through VA Health Chat. These apps provide a mobile platform for features available through My HealtheVet.

The same security measures used to protect other Veteran data are applied to protect information available through apps. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours between data available in My HealtheVet and data available in VA Mobile apps.

How does VA evaluate apps?

Apps released to the public have gone through extensive testing and evaluation by Veterans and VA care teams to improve apps before they are available.

Before field testing, there are development periods, reviews, and compliance testing across different environments. Apps are tested in the field only after software quality assurance, verification, validation, and user acceptance testing are completed. Modifications are performed based on field test results, and then apps are made available.

VA collects feedback continuously to identify opportunities for future improvements. Feedback for available apps can be shared through the VA App Store.

How do I save a VA mobile app to my home screen?

To view instructions on how to save a VA mobile app to your home screen, visit mobile.va.gov/saving-va-mobile-app-home-screen.

How does the version of my web browser affect my apps? How do I check and update it?

To make sure apps work correctly, your device’s web browser should be current. Usually, your device will update your web browser automatically. However, if you are experiencing issues with an app, check or update the version of your browser by looking at your device’s settings or the “about” section.

I’m an app developer – can I work on or beta test VA apps?

Currently, VA’s development environment is only available to VA workforce developers and contracted team members. VA anticipates making portions of the environment available to the Open Source community in the future. For more information, visit: mobile.va.gov/content/developer-portal-home.

VA employees, VA providers, and VA-employed Veterans can beta test apps using the VA Beta App Store. Insights from app tester feedback enable development teams to make adjustments or create solutions before the apps are released. If you’re a VA employee and would like to test apps before they’re released, complete the registration form at mobile.va.gov/appstore/beta-apps-tester.