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BoardVitals Medical Exam Prep

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This app is not maintained by the VA but is included in the national subscriptions purchased and sponsored by the Library Network Office.


Nursing test banks, review questions, and full-length practice exams for practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. Quizzes and assignments can be downloaded for use off-line.

Provides practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners with study resources for advanced certification.


  • Customizable study tools - simulate exam conditions, refine key concepts, and review questions with a range of customizable test modes and timing options.
  • 24-hour access – in-app and online features sync automatically between devices.
  • Performance reporting – track performance by subject area, peer rank, and average response time to gauge exam readiness.

Getting Connected

Set up an account while on the VA network through the VHA National Desktop Library’s Find a Database Page (then select your facility from the drop-down menu), or by going to your facility’s LibLynx page and navigating to either the “A-Z Databases” panel or the “Nursing” panel. Once an account has been established, the username and password will work on the mobile app.


For help with this app, contact the Library Network Office at:
Email: vhalno@va.gov

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