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Department of Veterans Affairs


VA Apps

VA Mobile releases new Apps for Veterans regularly. Check here often for new information about available Apps. A special portal with training materials is now available!

Newly Released Apps

Lock Icon - DS Logon Required For your security, Apps displaying the lock icon require a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account because they connect to your VA Electronic Health Record (EHR). Get a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account »
  • 311VET - Mobile App Icon


    The 311VET App was designed for Veterans to ask general VA Benefits questions and receive answers 24/7/365 from any mobile device, allowing answers at anytime and from anywhere.

    Average: 4.1 (13 votes)
  • Annie App for Clinicians

    The Annie App for Clinicians allows you to assign protocols to your patients to help them track and manage their health. Messages from Annie are automated and condition-specific, and allow patients to reply and receive responses from the system. Annie is for patient self-care and not for direct texting between Veterans and staff.

    This app is currently in field test to a limited audience.

    No votes yet
  • Annie App for Veterans

    The Annie App is a Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging capability that promotes self-care for Veterans enrolled in VA health care. Annie can send you automated messages to prompt you to track your own health. Annie can also send you appointment reminders and messages from your local VA medical facility. The Annie App for Veterans provides a secure means to access these messages and other features.

    This app is currently in field test to a limited audience.

    Average: 1 (1 vote)
  • Antibiogram App

    If you are a member of a VA care team, the Antibiogram App provides you with easy access to cumulative antibiograms (antibiotic resistance data pooled for isolates of the same species, collected from in vitro testing) from any VA Medical Center.

    This app is currently in field test to a limited audience.

    Average: 3 (2 votes)
  • Launchpad - Mobile App Icon
    Lock Icon - DS Logon Required


    The VA Mobile Launchpad houses all Apps for Veterans that connect to VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and access your personal VA health information. VA developed this tool to group VA’s Mobile Apps and websites that require a secure logon to access your EHR. By signing into the VA Mobile Launchpad once with a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account, you can access multiple resources without logging in to each App or website individually. You can also access the Apps or websites separately.

    Average: 3.2 (26 votes)
  • Mobile Blue Button - Mobile App Icon
    Lock Icon - DS Logon Required

    Mobile Blue Button

    The Mobile Blue Button App was designed to help both you and your Caregivers better manage your health care needs and communicate with your health care teams. By using the Mobile Blue Button App, you can access, print, download and store information from your Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Electronic Health Record (EHR).

    Average: 3.5 (19 votes)
  • Safe Patient Handling App

    For both VA and non-VA care teams, particularly direct care providers including nurses, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists and Imaging staff, the Safe Patient Handling App provides evidence-based Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) techniques to help provide the safest care possible to patients.
    No votes yet
  • Summary of Care - Mobile App Icon
    Lock Icon - DS Logon Required

    Summary of Care

    The Summary of Care App lets you receive and view your VA medical information – including lab results, medications, allergies, and more – in one place and from the convenience of your mobile device.

    Average: 3.5 (22 votes)

Get Your Secure Logon

Get Your Secure Logon

For your security, you will need a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account before you can log into any VA App that connects to VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).

DS Logon Accounts are available for Servicemembers, Veterans and Caregivers.

There are currently two types of DS Logon accounts. A DS Logon Level 1 (Basic) Account provides limited access to features on some Web sites. However, a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account is required before you can view your personal data in VA and DoD systems, including VA’s Mobile Apps.

If you do not have a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account, or if you are not sure, please visit the My Access Center site for more information or to register or verify your access.

Read more about DS Logon »

VA Mobile Health

VA Mobile Health

Need access to your health information on the go? Want tools to help you take control of your health and communicate easily with your VA care team?

Use VA Mobile Health – when you want, where you want – to securely engage, organize and manage your care.

VA Mobile Health Apps are personalized, private tools designed for a variety of users and needs, including:

  • Monitoring basic health care information, including vital signs and diet tracking, prescription information and refill capability, chronic disease management and more.
  • Many of the Apps will use data in VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). These Apps will enable you to view your VA health information from the convenience of your mobile device. To protect your privacy, you will need a secure logon to access these Apps. Read more about DS Logon »

Visit the VA App Store to access available VA Apps. More Apps are coming soon, so check back regularly!

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