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VA Mobile releases new Apps for Veterans regularly. Check here often for new information about available Apps.

Featured Apps

  • VA Video Connect

    The new VA Video Connect application connects Veterans with their health care team from anywhere, using encryption to ensure a secure and private session. The app makes VA health care more convenient and reduces travel times for Veterans, especially those in very rural areas with limited access to VA health care facilities, and it allows quick and easy health care access from any mobile or web-based device.
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  • Lock Icon - DS Logon Required

    Veteran Appointment Request

    The Veteran Appointment Request (VAR) App allows you to request primary care and mental health appointments at VA facilities where you already receive care, and to schedule and cancel selected primary care appointments directly through the app.This app is currently in field test to a limited audience.
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  • Lock Icon - DS Logon Required App Icon- Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

    Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

    The Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry is an online database of health information provided by OEF/OIF/OND or 1990-1991 Gulf War Veterans and Servicemembers and collected through a questionnaire about exposures to airborne hazards.
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  • App icon- Ask a Pharmacist

    Ask a Pharmacist

    The Ask a Pharmacist App allows Veterans to access information quickly about VA pharmacies and medications as well as tools to manage health care.
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  • App icon- Caring4womenVeterans


    Whether you are a VA or non-VA care team member, the Caring4WomenVeterans App has useful information to help you serve the unique physical and mental health needs of women Veterans.
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  • Lock Icon - DS Logon Required App icon- Image Viewing Solution

    Image Viewing Solution

    The Image Viewing Solution (IVS) App allows VA clinicians and other relevant staff to search for and view patients’ x-rays, radiology images, and other stored images in Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Imaging. This app is currently in field test to a limited audience.
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Get Your Secure Logon

Get Your Secure Logon

For your security, you will need a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account before you can log into any VA App that connects to VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).

DS Logon Accounts are available for Servicemembers, Veterans and Caregivers.

There are currently two types of DS Logon accounts. A DS Logon Level 1 (Basic) Account provides limited access to features on some Web sites. However, a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account is required before you can view your personal data in VA and DoD systems, including VA’s Mobile Apps.

If you do not have a DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account, or if you are not sure, please visit the My Access Center site for more information or to register or verify your access.

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VA Mobile Health

VA Mobile Health

VA Mobile aims to improve the health of Veterans by providing technologies that expand clinical care beyond the traditional office visit.

VA Mobile underscores VA’s commitment to transform the way care is delivered and to improve health care coordination between Veterans and their care teams. VA recognizes that mobile health is emerging as an essential element of health care, and is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date technologies to enhance patient experiences.

VA mobile apps are developed for both Veterans and VA care teams, offering safe and secure mobile access to patient data, and providing more opportunities for Veterans to be active participants in their health care. The apps are personalized private tools designed for a variety of users and needs including:

  • Monitoring basic health care information, including vital signs and diet tracking, prescription information and refill capability, chronic disease management and more.
  • Many of the apps will use data in VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). These apps will enable you to view your VA Health information from the convenience of your mobile device. To protect your privacy, you will need a secure logon to access the page. Read more about DS Logon »

Visit the VA App Store to access available VA Apps. More Apps are coming soon, so check back regularly!