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Available (Last Updated: 5/23/2024 7:00 A.M. E.T.)

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Virtual Care Manager

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You must be on the VA network or VPN in order to launch the app through your internet browser.


Virtual Care Manager integrates telehealth and digital health solutions into Veteran care. It enables VA health care providers to easily view all appointments – video, phone, and in-person – in one place with a unified schedule. Providers can also create*, edit, and join video visits and access emergency support information. Virtual Care Manager allows providers to request photos and videos from patients and draft notes to send to CPRS, view patient-generated health data (PGHD), and access condition-specific dashboards to enhance care for Veterans.

Notice: Virtual Care Manager does not place an appointment in VistA. To schedule future video visits, please work with your clinic schedulers.

Important Launch Requirements:

  1. You must be on the VA network.
  2. You must have VistA login credentials that include the OR CPRS GUI CHART secondary menu option.
    • If needed, work with your local Health Informatics Specialist, Information Security Officer (ISO) or Information Resource Management (IRM) staff to have these menus added.
  3. Ensure that you have a PIV card that is linked to the same VistA instance(s) for which you have the required secondary menu options in step 2. Note: If you are transferring from one VA facility to another VA facility then you may need to link your PIV to your new facility’s VistA instance.
    • If you need assistance, please contact the Connected Care Help Desk at: 866-651-3180.

Your product is great. Expand!”

Aug 2023

I think you all have done amazing things with this platform in a very short time. I am very grateful for it.”

Aug 2023


  • Create, manage, and join video visits for Veterans
  • View all appointments (video, phone, and in-person) in a unified schedule for both providers and patients
  • Place and manage photo and video requests for MVAI (My VA Images), to include saving images or videos directly to patients’ Electronic Health Records
  • Draft notes to send to CPRS
  • View vitals, labs, and condition graphs of patient data, including PGHD submitted by patients from connected devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) and apps
  • Utilize condition-specific dashboards to offer insights, trends, and opportunities for intervention
  • View clinic-based telehealth emergency handoff procedures and contacts at all VHA health care facilities
  • Pre-validate and access 911 services at a Veteran’s location during a video visit
  • Create video visits with ATLAS (Accessing Telehealth through Local Area Stations) part of VA’s Anywhere to Anywhere Telehealth initiative

Outreach Materials

Virtual Care Manager Promotional Toolkit

VA providers and other VA staff can use this toolkit to raise awareness about and promote the use of the Virtual Care Manager app. Outreach materials for other apps can be found in the Connected Care Promotional Toolkit Directory.

shield icon VA network access is required to view the Promotional Toolkit Directory.

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For help with this app, contact the OCC Help Desk at:
Call: 866-651-3180
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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