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VVC Now is for official VA use only to provide patient care. You must be on the VA network or VPN in order to launch the app through your internet browser.


VA Video Connect Now allows VA health care providers to quickly and easily launch a virtual meeting with their patients without first scheduling an appointment.

NOTE: VVC Now is available on VA-issued computer Chrome and Edge browsers under VA Bookmarks > National > VA Video Connect (VVC) NOW


  • ​Email or text message a VA Video Connect link by entering the patient’s email address or phone number
  • Start the video visit from within VVC Now
  • Note: VVC Now video visits are immediate and will not appear in the patient’s scheduled video visits in MyHealtheVet and VA Online Scheduling

Training Materials

Steps to Launch on VA-Issued Computer

Video Instructions

Step 1: Launch VVC Now using above “Launch in Browser” button. VVC Now is also available on VA-issued computer Chrome and Edge browsers under VA Bookmarks > National > VA Video Connect (VVC) NOW

Step 2: Provider enters their preferred contact info

Step 3: Enter preferred Veteran contact (email or phone)

Step 4: Select Create Video Visit

Step 5: Start Video Visit from app

Step 1

Launch VVC Now.

Method 1: VVC Now is available on VA-issued computer Edge browsers under VA Bookmarks>National>VA Video Connect (VVC) NOW (see screenshot on the right).

Method 2: Launch from the VVC Now VA App Store page.

screenshot of how to launch app from VVC Now VA App Store page

Step 2

Provider enters their preferred contact information (phone for text, email or both).

Note: If the provider enters their VA email, then the VVC Now visit will show in the provider’s appointment list in Virtual Care Manager. All VVC Now visits will appear as “NoID, Veteran” in Virtual Care Manager.

screenshot of contact information form

Step 4

Select Create Video Visit.

screenshot of how to create a video visit

Step 3

Select the “I Verify” box to access the patient information section.

Enter the patient’s preferred contact information (phone or email).

screenshot of patients contact info form for video visit

Step 5

Start Video Visit from the app.

screenshot of how to start a video visit


For help with this app, contact the OCC Help Desk at:
Call: 866-651-3180
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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