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Best Health Apps for Veterans

Here you will find some of the most-used and highest-rated medical apps for Veterans on the VA App Store. With these apps, you can learn how to improve your sleep habits, track your progress toward health goals, access information on VA pharmacies, and more.

Apps with this icon require secure logon credentials to use

app icon

CBT-i Coach


Receive support for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for insomnia.

app icon

MOVE! Coach


Lose weight with this app’s 16-week weight loss program.

app icon

Mindfulness Coach


Learn mindfulness to reduce stress and improve emotional balance.

app icon

PTSD Coach


Access tools, educational resources, and self-assessments to help manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.

app icon

Ask a Pharmacist


Access information about VA pharmacies and medication easily.

app icon

VA Online Scheduling


Schedule, request and track VA appointments with ease.

app icon

VA Video Connect


Secure video visits with your VA care team from anywhere.

app icon

Annie For Veterans


Receive text reminders to help you manage your care.

app icon

Rx Refill


Request, refill and track VA prescriptions with ease.