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The PTSD Coach App was designed for Servicemembers and Veterans who have, or may have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This App provides readily available tools to manage PTSD-related symptoms and stress and supports Servicemembers and Veterans with self-assessments, symptom-tracking capabilities, educational materials, and coping skills to address and monitor stress.


  • Follow App-recommended suggestions based on their self-assessment scores;
  • Chart their scores over time and print or email the graph; and
  • Depending on their scores, the App will suggest ways for managing stress. The App offers healthy coping mechanisms, educational materials and links to resources.

If their self-assessment scores indicate they may have PTSD, and if they are VA patients, the App can be used to share the scores with your VA health care team. If the score is severe and you are not a VA patient, the App will provide options for seeking professional treatment.

This App is not meant to replace in-person visits or other forms of communications with your VA care teams. In case of a health emergency, call 911 or your local VA medical center immediately.

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Need to Know

  • The PTSD Coach App provides Veterans and their Caregivers with information on the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), tools for managing stress, and options for seeking professional treatment.
  • With the PTSD Coach App, Veterans can take self-assessments to identify if they may have symptoms of PTSD. Depending on their scores, the App will provide tips and information on how to manage these symptoms and stress.
  • If a Veteran's score indicates that he or she may have PTSD, and if he or she is a VA patient, the information entered can be made available to his or her VA care team. If the Veteran is not a VA patient, the App will provide options for seeking professional treatment.
  • The App allows Veterans to securely send results from their self-assessments to their VA care team as well as track their PTSD symptoms over time.
  • Veterans and their Caregivers can set reminders to retake the self-assessments as necessary.

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If you have technical trouble using this app, please contact the VA Mobile Health Help Desk for Veterans at (877) 470-5947 and VA Care Teams at (844) 482-6624, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p. m. CT for TTY assistance, dial 711.

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VA Care Teams: (844) 482-6624
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