VA Mobile App Intake


VA Mobile App Intake

Step One

Request approval and learn what documentation is required.

Before you can publish your app to any of the OCC App Publishing Options, you must obtain approval for your app project by completing the VA Mobile App Intake (VA Network access required).

There are three internal classifications of apps. You will need to read the definitions below to determine which classification your app falls under. There is general information you will need to be prepared to complete regardless of whether your app is classified as an OCC app, a VA-sponsored app, or a third-party-app.

General Information Required

  • A high-level executive summary: Be prepared to describe the app as you would in the description field of an app store download page. The description should include the target audience(s) and the job the app helps the target audience(s) accomplish.
  • App platform(s).
  • App audience(s).
  • The address(es) for the app: native/web URL, Apple's App Store URL, and/or Google Play URL, if applicable.
  • The purpose of the app.
  • What features or capabilities does the app have over similar apps that already exist and are listed on the VA App Store.
  • Where a user gets technical support for the app (be prepared to provide detailed support instructions).
  • Is the app required to be behind the VA firewall in order to use. If so, be prepared to identify sign in method(s) required for the app: LOGIN.GOV,, or DS Logon Level 2 (Premium),  MyHealtheVet Premium.
  • Review the OCC app publishing options, so you can be prepared to request which OCC App Catalogs you want your app published on.

OCC App Information Required

  • Project manager (PM) and contracting PMs Contact Info.

VA-Sponsored App and Third-Party App Information Required

  • Whether VA funds were used to purchase the app or license the app.
  • Contact information of the person and office sponsoring these apps contact info.
  • Be prepared to agree to review the content published for the app biannually and the apps continued relevance for the intended target audience(s) if approved for the VA  App Store.
  • Which company makes the app.
  • The vendor address.

Once the Office of Connected Care approves the VA app, a workflow is triggered. If the app is an OCC app, you will receive an information packet and Mobile App Platform (MAP) account instructions. If it is not approved, you will receive an email from Connected Care explaining the reason. Once approved, be prepared to provide additional metadata to include VA branded icons.

Once your app has been published to one or multiple of the OCC app publishing options, you may need to make edits and/or updates. Please contact:

Once your request has been reviewed by the committee, you will receive additional information on how to provide the documentation required to publish your app. Reviewing all the information on the OCC VA Mobile Developer Portal will be helpful in determining the required workload and/or level of effort to get your app through the various Development Stages.

Step Two

Discover app publishing avenues!

Once approved and documentation received, it's time to publish your app!

Connected care has many application publishing options, which include the following:

The VA App Store is an external app store. Veterans and other staff can access it from their computers or mobile devices. There are other avenues to publishing apps outside of Connected Care. The VA App Catalog is an internal app store and accessible by only GFE devices which are enrolled in VA's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). This store is managed by the VA Enterprise Mobility team (Solution Delivery Mobility and Endpoint Engineering team). There are also commercial app stores, Apple App Store and Google Play. These publishing avenues outside of Connected Care have different points of contact and processes to follow, as noted in the section: Publishing Apps Outside of OCC.