Section 508 Compliance


The Office of Information andTechnology (OIT) Section 508 Office tests mobile content to verify that it complies with Section 508 standards, including 1194.21 (Software and Platforms), 1194.22 Web, 1194.24 (multimedia), and 1194.31 Functional Requirements. We work to facilitate access to mobile technologies for anyone with disabilities.

We manually test VA platform-specific Apps directly on the device using its built-in accessibility features and supported methods. For example, we test with VoiceOver on iOS and Talkback on Android.

We perform some automated testing on web-based content, but we also perform manual tests to ensure the (mobile application) App properly implements accessibility techniques on the device’s browsers.

Note: App platforms have varying accessibility support. It is important to develop using the accessibility support of each platform you develop.


The Section 508 office maintains its own project system. It is important to register your App as early in Planning or Development as possible. To register your App, visit:


The following list describes some of the key areas that the Section 508 Office tests. It does not include all testing activities.

  • Use of a color contrast checker to verify that all text and images of text meet color contrast requirements
  • Manual tests to verify that color is not the sole means of communicating information
  • Manual tests with the device's screen reader to verify that all text and controls are spoken and properly identified
  • Manual tests with the device’s screen reader to verify that the user can operate all controls using accessible methods supported by the Operating System and device. This testing includes:
    • Text entry
    • Selecting tabs
    • Operating pickers, sliders and other controls
  • Manual tests with screen readers to verify that all images that convey meaning or that are part of controls have appropriate alternative spoken text
  • Manual tests with screen readers to verify that screen review methods read the content in the correct sequence

For further information on the Section 508 Office, you can refer to their web site here.


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