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Content Maintenance

How to manage your app page content, from adding a new page to retiring outdated apps.

Publishing Your App

Visit VA Mobile App Intake to learn how to publish a new app on the VA App Store.

When you need to update your app page content, submit a request by emailing the VA App Store support team. You should also email this team if you need to add content to your app page that is not covered by What to Include on an App Page.

Maintaining Your App

Immediate Changes

You should submit a page update request as soon as:

  • You identify a broken link or a link that will be broken soon (for example, if the app page links to a non-VA website that is changing).
  • You have a timely announcement .


Every month, you should:

  • Review customer feedback. Does the feedback call for any changes to the FAQ or other content?
  • Review your page content for broken links.


Every year, you should do a full review of your app page. Is any information out of date? Is there anything you can streamline or improve?

Retiring Your App

If your app no longer functions, submit a request to remove it from the VA App Store by emailing the VA App Store support team. Submit your request in advance if the app page should be removed by a particular date.