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VA Video Connect is the approved platform for VA telehealth visits. Please visit mobile.va.gov/app/va-video-connect to download the app and learn more.


The Doximity app’s Dialer feature enables a VA health care professional to call Veterans from a smartphone without the caller ID displaying their phone number. Instead, the app will display the professional’s office or facility number on the Veteran’s caller ID.

NOTE: This is a third-party app and is not maintained by VA but is sponsored by the Office of Connected Care in Patient Care Services.


  • Call Veterans while displaying a clinic line phone number.
  • Find providers based on their specialty, location, and clinical interests.
  • Earn free Category 1 continuing medical education credits.
  • Send secure, HIPAA-compliant faxes from anywhere.
  • Sign, date, and annotate documents.
  • Receive the latest news in your specialty.
  • Create a digital CV.


For help with this app, contact the Third-Party Developer (VA Subscription) at:
Call: 650-870-2727
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM - 8PM EST