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3rd Party App Disclaimer*: This is a 3rd Party tool that VA has approved for use during COVID.

This is a commercial app that is not maintained by VA. If you need help with this app, please contact the app’s developer: Doximity.

3rd Party* Doximity app provides a way for care teams to call patients if you do not want to give out your phone number. The app is setup by creating an account through Doximity, the app's vendor, in order to validate health care professional credentials. The Dialer feature in the Doximity iOS and Android mobile app allows verified Doximity users to call their patients using their cell phone and makes it look like you're calling from your office line, displaying an office/hospital number on the patient’s Caller ID. If you're looking for Step by Step instructions: Doximity Blog.


  • Call patients without using *67
  • Physician-curated COVID-19 news and peer commentary
  • Free COVID-19 job posts to address surge capacity
  • Searchable directory of U.S. clinicians
  • Find clinicians based on specialty, location and clinical interests
  • Screenshot displaying Doximity's online network for clinicians
  • Screenshot displaying Doximity's social newsfeed for medicine
  • Screenshot showing Doximity's Dialer Feature
  • Screenshot displaying Doximity's Search Feature

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