Local Mobile App Development


Getting Started

VA app development can begin on local computers outside the VA network using a Mobile App Platform (MAP) Docker solution. Developers install the following technical stack:

  • Git Bash
  • Docker Desktop
  • A hypervisor like HyperV or VirtualBox
  • Kubernetes Minikube

About the Kickstarter Program and the Starter Kit

The WBM (WMS Build Management) team maintains the latest prerequisites and instructions for installing a local environment in a Windows-README.md and other documents located in the Docker Local Development Repository. As developers employ the WBM Docker solution, the WBM reviews them and, if approved, adds them to the Docker Trusted Repository (DTR), which development teams can use as starting points for their own projects.

Once familiar with the VA Mobile Framework build platform and the VA Mobile App Compliance Requirements, developers implement a MAP Docker Starter Kit to move their projects into the MAP Sandbox environment.