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Preconception Care

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If you are a VA or non-VA care team member, the Preconception Care App will provide you with information to support the integration of preconception care into comprehensive primary care, thereby optimizing the health of women Veterans of reproductive age. The app provides a single, easy access point for provider-centered resources that address a variety of factors, including birth control usage, reproductive history, health status, family and genetic history and risks, vaccinations received and lifestyle factors.


  • Reference recommended questions to help you talk about planning for or preventing pregnancy, including birth control and related health issues
  • Find talking points to guide your discussions on mental health issues, general medical concerns and risk factors for specific medical conditions during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy
  • Review a healthy lifestyle checklist with your patients that covers alcohol, drug and tobacco use; intimate partner violence; and vitamin and mineral guidelines
  • Share resources and evidenced based information with patients about services and programs from VA, and other key organizations (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), etc.)

Outreach Materials

Preconception Care Promotional Toolkit

VA providers and other VA staff can use this toolkit to raise awareness about and promote the use of the Preconception Care app. Outreach materials for other apps can be found in the Connected Care Promotional Toolkit Directory.

VA network access is required to view the Promotional Toolkit Directory.

Downloadable Training Materials

Training Materials

Getting to Know the App

The Home page provides an overview of the information in the Preconception Care App. Tap on the AboutTopics and Resources tabs either on the Home screen or at the bottom of the screen to go to the information you would like to see.

Covering Preconception Care Topics

The Topics tab provides information that can help guide your care of and counseling with your patients of childbearing age, whether or not they are planning to have children.

Reviewing Detailed Information about Preconception Care Topics

When you select a Preconception Care topic, you can view detailed information about the topic by tapping on the + button to expand the contents of information or by tapping information listed in a table.

Accessing Preconception Tools & Resources

The app provides you and your patients with additional resources. Some resources are focused on you, as a care team member, to support additional learning about preconception care topics. Others resources are ideal for you to share with your patients to enhance their involvement with and understanding of their health needs. Tap the Resources tab either on the Home screen or at the bottom of the screen. Tap either For Providers or For Patients to view a list of resources that cater to each audience.


What is Preconception Care?

Preconception Care is an integral part of comprehensive care for women of childbearing age. It includes pregnancy planning and prevention (contraceptive counseling), reproductive and genetic history, and an approach to care that takes into account the pregnancy-related risks of ongoing medical conditions and the medications used to treat them. Integrating preconception care into comprehensive primary care for women elevates the health of women and their children by enhancing their health and well-being before, during, and after pregnancy and throughout their lives.

Who should use the Preconception Care App?

If you are a health care provider who cares for women, you should use the Preconception Care App as a readily accessible source for comprehensive preconception care information, including topics such as planning and preventing pregnancy, taking reproductive and genetic histories, and understanding the pregnancy- and lactation-related risks of medications and common medical conditions. You can read this information on your own schedule, but you can also use the app as a resource during your patient care work flow.

Do I need to be a VA health care provider to use the Preconception Care App?

No. The app is available for VA and non-VA care team members.

Does the Preconception Care App only provide information relevant to patients who plan to become pregnant?

No. The app also provides information to assist care team members in caring for women throughout their reproductive years, regardless of their plans for pregnancy now or in the future. The app includes information and resources about contraception and risk considerations for common medical conditions and medications should pregnancy occur. Nearly 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, and some data suggest that this percentage may be higher among women Veterans. The Preconception Care App provides information for health care team members to support high quality, evidence-based care for all women during their reproductive years.

Is the Preconception Care App only useful for women patients?

No. A man’s health and lifestyle can affect his fertility and the health of a fetus and his female partner during pregnancy. To help a male patient work towards a healthy pregnancy with his partner, the Preconception Care App contains a section titled Men & Preconception Health.

What topics are covered in the app to provide me with a comprehensive guide to preconception care?

The Preconception Care App includes information and resources on a variety of topics that can help guide your care of and counseling with your patients of childbearing age, whether or not they are planning to have children. These topics include: • Reproductive Life Plan • Reproductive History • Birth Control Method • Concurrent Health Issues • Family/Genetic History & Risk • Lifestyle Factors Checklist • Medication Use & Risk Mitigation • Men & Preconception Health • Vaccinations To view the details and guidance associated with each topic, tap the Topics tab either on the Home screen or at the bottom of the screen.

What additional information can I find through the Preconception Care App?

The Preconception Care App provides valuable resources for both you and your patients, including references and links to programs, tools, and services from VA and other organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). To access this information, tap the Resources tab either on the Home screen or at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the Preconception Tools & Resources page. Tap either For Providers or For Patients to view a list of resources that cater to each audience.

Where can I find additional information about other available VA Mobile Apps?

Additional information about other available VA Mobile Apps can be found on mobile.va.gov/appstore as well as the VA Mobile Apps General FAQs.

What do I do if I need additional information or help?

A Slideshow and User Manual for the Preconception Care App can be found on mobile.va.gov/training in the “VA Staff” section. If you need assistance with the Preconception Care App, dial (866) 651-3180 to speak with a VA representative. For TTY assistance, dial 711.


For help with this app, contact the OCC Help Desk at:
Call: 877-470-5947
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM - 8PM EST

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