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The biosim mobile application for iOS devices provides clinicians with the flexibility to customize their clients' prostheses while on the move. There is no PII (Personally identifiable information) or PHI (Protected Health information) stored in this app, it only uses non-sensitive data as reference, the alphanumeric serial number of the prosthetic limb components.

NOTE: This is a third-party app and is not maintained by VA but is sponsored by the Office of Connected Care in Patient Care Services.


  • Instantly access 24 quick grips and 12 fully customizable my grips™ (available with i-limb quantum and i-limb revolution, 14 quick grips with i-limb ultra and i-limb digits, 12 quick grips with i-limb access and i-limb select) providing effortless control of the prosthesis with a single tap of your mobile device
  • Create favorite lists, tailoring collections of features and triggers customized for your client's daily needs
  • Activate a hand health check to ensure the prosthesis is properly functioning (not available with i-limb select)
  • View your client's muscle signals via a real-time graph (or analog gauges when using a virtu-limb)
  • Use the virtual hand to assist in visualizing how the real device will behave (when using a virtu-limb)
  • Apply firmware updates as they become available
  • Support for grip chips™ providing proximity based control of the prosthesis (only available with i-limb quantum, i-limb revolution and i-digits quantum)

Requirements and Restrictions

  • Touch Care Portal login is required to activate biosim software
  • biosim mobile application is compatible with i-limb quantum, i-limb revolution, i-limb ultra, i-limb select, i-limb access, i-limb digits, i-digits quantum, i-digits access and virtu-limb devices
  • Some functionality currently in the desktop version of biosim is not available in the mobile version

Downloadable Training Materials


For help with this app, contact the Third-Party Developer at:
Website: https://www.ossur.com/en-us/customer-service