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AIMS for Anger Management

Average: 3.6 (41 votes)


AIMS is designed for Veterans and military Service members but can be used by anyone coping with anger problems. The AIMS app is based on the Anger and Irritability Management Skills online self-help course, and provides users with tools to track and help manage anger, education about anger, and opportunities for finding support. Users can also create custom tools based on their preferences, and can integrate their own contacts, photos, and music.

The AIMS app may be used alone, or in combination with the online course or in-person therapy.

AIMS was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD and VA’s Mental Health Services.

This app not only abolishes my anger but has improved my relationships with my family members. If you are struggling with anger issues I strongly recommend this app.

Feb 2019

This app has already proven, after a short period of use, to be helpful for me in identifying what triggers my anger and what signs indicate growing anger before I have an outburst.”

Jul 2019


  • A personalized anger control plan
  • Unique, interactive tools designed to help prevent or manage feelings of anger
  • Customized anger management tools using voice memos, songs or images
  • Tools for tracking your symptoms with tailored feedback about your symptoms and progress
  • Easy and quick access to more extensive support resources, such as the Veterans' Crisis Line and 911


For help with this app, contact the National Center for PTSD at:
Email: MobileMentalHealth@va.gov

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