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ACT Coach

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) aims to help you live with unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and impulses without avoiding them or being controlled by them. In ACT, you are encouraged to commit to actions so that you can live your life by your values, even in the face of these unpleasant experiences. This app was developed for Veterans, Service Members, and other people who are in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with a therapist. It offers exercises, tools, information, and tracking logs so you can practice what you’re learning in your daily life.

ACT Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD.

This is the best app for meditation. Easy to work with and no ads or login."

Jul 2019


  • Information about what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is and how it works
  • 6 Critical Mindfulness Practice Exercises including Mindful Breathing, Mindful Walking, Mindful Eating, Observing Thoughts, Observing Sensations, and Observing Emotions
  • Interactive Tools to Facilitate Values-Based Living, including assistance identifying values, developing a list of personal actions to support those values, and tips and reminders to help patients stay motivated to work towards living those values
  • Tools to track your mindfulness practice and coping strategies


For help with this app, contact the National Center for PTSD at:
Email: MobileMentalHealth@va.gov

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