U.S Department of Veterans Affair

Mobile App Registration Profile


This content is no longer current.
Visit the new Developing VA Apps home page for updated processes and requirements for building your VA App

The Registration Profile is a general questionnaire that becomes a record maintained and configuration-managed over time to present a historical record of the Mobile Application. The profile could be accessed by authorized parties to either incrementally inject or extract key information about the Mobile Application. The Registration Profile is maintained by the Web and Mobile Solutions (WMS) in an automated system, accessible by the Certification Bodies and the Product Owner.

The product owner will submit the form using the Initiation page which will populate the WMS database of Mobile Applications, along with all of the related artifacts requested by the profile questionnaire.

The WMS Change Manager reviews the profile and the information provided and sets appropriate controls for access and/or change to the profile and then:

  • Communicates with the developer and the product owner to confirm or correct any information provided;
  • Notifies the appropriate certification bodies of the new/completed App; and
  • Updates the inventory records.