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Immunization Campaign

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Lock Icon - DS Logon Required Apps for Health Care Professionals that display a lock icon require VistA account credentials because they connect to the VA Electronic Health Record (EHR). 

If you are a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provider, the Immunization Campaign mobile application (app) lets you review and document immunizations on the go and streamlines the process of vaccine administration to multiple patients in a short period of time during an immunization campaign.

Immunization Campaign will be available soon. Please check back for updates.


  • Log in once through the app to access multiple patient records and easily administer flu vaccines to multiple patients in quick succession
  • Record thorough details of vaccines you administered into your patients’ records



  • Immunization Campaign App

    When you log in to the Immunization Campaign mobile application (App), the Home screen will give you four menu choices: Immunization Template, Immunization Documentation, Resources and About.

  • Immunization Template

    The Immunization Template saves time by letting you set and reuse the background information for a vaccine versus re-entering the information for every patient.

  • Vaccine Profiles

    Create a vaccine profile or use, edit or delete an existing vaccine profile.

  • Patient Search

    Find a patient by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner. Type the patient’s name or full SSN into the Patient Search bar that pops up. A pop-up box with the patient’s basic information (last and first name, date of birth, age, gender, location receiving care and Social Security Number) will appear.

  • Immunization History

    The Immunization History section lets you view a patient’s comprehensive immunization record.

  • Provide VIS

    If you choose to administer the vaccine, you will have to provide your patient with the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You can provide a paper copy of the form or email an electronic copy by typing the patient’s email address into the available email field.

  • Document Vaccination Record

    To continue, you must verify the information on the Document Vaccination Record screen. You can finalize the record by reviewing and electronically signing the Vaccination Report and entering your Electronic Signature Code.

  • Choosing not to administer a vaccine

    You can choose not to administer the vaccine because a patient has already received it outside VA or refuses the vaccine. You will have the option to document that information in the patient’s vaccination record.

If you are a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provider, the Immunization Campaign mobile application (App) gives you quick and easy access to your patients’ immunization history and allows you to document immunizations on the go. This App is especially helpful in streamlining the process of vaccine administration to multiple patients in a short period of time during an immunization campaign.
Not at this time. Although you will be able to view other information in your patients’ vaccination records, the App will only assist with providing influenza vaccines, and you will only be able to enter influenza vaccination data.
The Immunization Campaign App is designed for VA health care providers with VistA credentials and a valid Electronic Signature Code to save vaccination information to the VistA database.
VistA stands for Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture and is VA’s computerized patient record system (CPRS).
No. The Immunization Campaign App should only be used from a Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) mobile device with a screen the size of a tablet or larger. The App is not recommended for use on smartphones.
Yes, but you must be connected to the VA intranet network to use the Immunization Campaign App.
Tap the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the Home screen to reach the Patient Search screen. From the search bar, you can search by name or Social Security Number.
No. When using the App, please ensure that you also have access to your patients’ CPRS in case you need to view or enter patient information other than vaccine documentation. CPRS functionality is available through the Patient Viewer App.
The Immunization Template, accessible from the Home screen, is where you enter general information about a vaccine. It saves time by letting you set and reuse the background information for a vaccine. By inputting the required vaccine data once during a flu vaccine campaign, the template will auto-populate the required background information the next time you administer the vaccine, instead of requiring you to re-enter the vaccine data for each patient.
Your vaccinator information and vaccine profiles will be saved to the GFE mobile device you are currently using and will be available each time you launch the App from that device. You will need to re-enter that information if you use a new GFE device. You will need to re-enter Location and Note Title information each time you launch the App.
To add a new vaccine profile, tap the + button on the right side of the Vaccine Profiles header. You will go to the New Vaccine Details screen. Select the Vaccine Type from the drop-down menu, and the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) URL field will auto-populate. Select the Trade Name from the drop-down menu, and the Manufacturer, Dose and Route will auto-populate. Enter the Lot Number in the available field and choose the Expiration Date from the drop-down menu for Month, Day and Year.
Tap Immunization Template from the Home screen menu > Under the Vaccine Profiles heading, tap the > button on the far right side of the Vaccine Profile you would like to edit > You will be taken to the Vaccine Details screen that you previously created > Tap the Edit button at the bottom of the template > A pop-up window will appear that asks you to confirm that you wish to change the information in the profile > Tap Yes to continue (or No to cancel) > Edit the Vaccine Profile as necessary > Save as you would a New Vaccine Profile.
Tap the Immunization Documentation button on the home screen. The screen will default to the Immunization Campaign questionnaire. Answer the questions by tapping the Yes, No or N/A buttons that correspond with each question. Once you have answered the questionnaire, two buttons will become available at the bottom of the screen: Yes (choose vaccine next) or No (provide reason next).
You will have to provide the patient with a paper or electronic copy of the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) as you normally would. There is an option in the App to email the form to your patient. Then follow the prompts to ensure that all necessary information is entered into your patient’s vaccination record.
Check whether you have entered the correct vaccination information into your vaccine profiles section in the Immunization Template and that you have checked the box next to the vaccine in the Use in Campaign column.
If your patient received the vaccine elsewhere, you will have the option of documenting the previously received vaccine in his or her vaccination record.
If your patient refuses the vaccine, you will have the option of documenting the refusal in the vaccination record. Go to the Document Refusal of Influenza Vaccine screen > Enter the reason for refusal in the Comments/Notes field > Tap the Sign & Submit button at the bottom of the screen > Enter your VistA password and your Electronic Signature Code in the box that appears > Tap OK to confirm. You should only select Influenza vaccine refused if the patient refuses the vaccine without contraindications. If there is a contraindication, close the Immunization Campaign App and document that information in your patient’s CPRS.
If there is a contraindication, close the Immunization Campaign App and document that information in your patient’s CPRS.
A Quick Start Guide, Slideshow and User Manual for the Immunization Campaign App may be found on mobilehealth.va.gov under the “Apps for VA Staff” section. If you need assistance with the Immunization Campaign App, contact the App training point of contact at your local VA Medical Center or dial 1-877-470-5947 for technical help.
Yes. You can find information about other VA Apps at mobilehealth.va.gov.
VA Mobile Health is a program to improve Veterans’ health by providing technologies to expand care beyond the traditional office visit. As part of VA Mobile Health, VA is releasing a series of secure Apps that take advantage of the popularity of wireless technologies to support Veterans, Caregivers and VA care teams.
No. VA created the VA Launchpad to house all mobile Apps that connect to VA’s electronic health record. By signing into the VA Launchpad once, you can access multiple Apps from one location – without having to log in to each one individually.

If you have technical trouble using this app, please contact the VA Mobile Health Help Desk for Veterans at (877) 470-5947 and VA Care Teams at (844) 482-6624, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p. m. CT for TTY assistance, dial 711.

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