Veteran Appointment Request Help Center & Videos


One hundred sixty Veterans will be particpating in the initial rollout at the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center (VAMC). Following are some useful resources to provide assistance as you participate in the program.

Guides and Other Resources


  • VAR About Information: How to obtain information about this application and its purpose

  • VAR Cancel Request: How to cancel an appointment request made through this application

  • VAR Feedback: How to submit feedback regarding use of this application

  • VAR Log Off: How to log out of the application

  • VAR Login and Overview: Provides an overview and login instructions for the Mobile/web application

  • VAR New Request Entry: How to enter a new request for an appointment

  • VAR Notification Status: Provides information about the change of status of a sepcific appointment request

  • VAR Second Attempt Request: How to submit additional dates for appointments when the initial requested dates are not available

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