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MOVE! Coach

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MOVE!® Coach is a weight management app for Veterans, service members, their families, and others who want to lose weight. This 16-week program guides the participants to achieve success with weight loss and management through education and use of tools in an easy and convenient way. Participants can monitor and receive feedback regarding their progress with weight, diet, and exercise goals.


    • Self-Management Modules – Build weight management skills through maintaining a healthy diet and staying active. Each module contains specific activities and worksheets as well as a summary. Complete one module per week over a 16-week period.
    • Trackers – Keep a daily weight diary and track your progress on dietary, physical activity and weight loss goals.
    • Tools – Use Calculation Tools to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), exercise intensity, calories burned, and activity-to-step conversions. Use Manage Stress Tools to keep your mental health on the right track.
    • Support – Share your progress on social media, challenge your friends to build healthier habits, and read success stories from other MOVE! Coach users.
    • Resources – Access additional information on weight management, nutrition and other health resources.

    Downloadable Training Materials

    Training Materials

    Getting to Know the App

    The MOVE!® Coach home screen provides the features and information available in the MOVE! Coach App. The main components are Self-Management Modules, Tracker, Tools, Support and Resources. You will also see icons to manage your settings, seek help, and add a weight entry.

    Self-Management Modules

    The Self-Management Modules provide you with weight management focus areas for each of the 16 weeks of the MOVE!® Weight Management Program for Veterans. Each guide has Objectives, To-Do List, Chapters, Summary, and an introduction to the Next Module.

    Setting Goals

    Making your goals concrete in writing and establishing check-in dates can help you stay on track with achievable steps to success. Start by creating your own personal health, physical activity, and dietary goals. You can also share your goals with your friends via social media for support and accountability.

    Summaries & Reports

    The Tracker feature provides reports of your completed Self-Management Module Summaries and   your weight diary with weight graphs.


    The Tools feature includes various ways to help you manage stress, stay active, find support, find resources, and more.


    Why should I use the MOVE!® Coach App?

    The MOVE!® Coach App is a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) weight management app for Veterans that combines self-management tools and information from VA’s 16-week MOVE! Weight Management Program for Veterans with guidance from the VA MOVE! team. With the convenient and easy-to-use MOVE! Coach App, you can track your progress with weight and SMART goals, as well as receive tailored feedback while learning to control weight management barriers.

    Do I need to be a Veteran to use the MOVE!® Coach App?

    No. MOVE!® Coach is available for anyone! Although the content was created with Veterans in mind and considers common Veteran issues, anyone can benefit from the app’s educational resources and tracking features.

    While MOVE! Coach can be used by anyone; only Veteran participants will be able to have connection with their MOVE! health care team. Access for everyone is supported because the VA supports families, caregivers, and additional Veteran support systems who may also be interested in weight management.

    Will the information I enter be shared?

    No. The information you add into the app is stored on your device and will not be shared.

    What are the self-management modules, and how do I use them?

    The self-management modules provide you with focus areas for each of the 16 weeks of the MOVE!® Weight Management Program for Veterans. Participants are recommended to complete one module per week.

    Each module has an objectives overview, educational content, videos and activities related to the weeks topic, an opportunity to set SMART goals, and review related content.

    You will always be able to go back to the self-management modules you have completed. While it is recommended that you work on one module per week, you can manually unlock future modules to review content in advance.

    Once you have completed a module, you can generate a PDF report of the answers and information you provided as you went through the module.

    How do I enter information about my weight?

    Daily weight measurements are recommended to track your progress in MOVE!® Tap the + icon available on most screens within the app, then tap Weight from the pop-up menu. Type your weight in pounds from the pop-up numeric keypad that appears. Tap Done to save your entry.

    How do I access problem-solving resources, and what will I find?

    Avoid setbacks, stay motivated and keep making progress by using resources that can help you overcome obstacles in Self-Management Module 8. You can also seek encouragement and support from a list of contacts you can create, trusted websites, call centers or your social media networks under Support and Resources.

    How do I monitor my progress?

    From the Tracker screen, you can review a diary of weight entries you have created. You also have the option to graph all entries by tapping the graph icon in the bottom left corner of your diary. Additionally, on the Tracker, you can follow all of the goals you set for physical activity, diet, and weight loss, which allows you to monitor your progress along the way.

    How can I set goals within the app?

    Understanding your motivation, making your goals concrete in writing, setting check-in dates for reaching your goals and challenging your friends can help you stay on track and set achievable steps to success.

    From the Tracker screen under the Goal Tracking section, tap whether you would like to set weight, physical activity or dietary goals. You will be asked to type your goals and set a check-in date for your progress.

    You can also hold yourself accountable for meeting your goals by sharing them with your friends via social media.

    How do I graph my progress?

    Tap Weight Graphs in the Tracker screen to see a line graph of how your weight or Body Mass Index (BMI) has changed.

    At the bottom of the graph, you can change the date range of the data graphed by tapping the range that appears at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can choose from 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year or 2 Years, depending on the amount of data that you have entered. You also have the option of sharing a PDF of your graphs.

    How can I view summaries about my activities?

    From the Tracker screen, tap whether you would like to view Module Summaries for your completed self-management modules. You can view these summaries as PDFs and share them.

    How can I view reports about my entries?

    From the Tracker screen, tap the Weight Report. Tap the duration you would like to view, and a PDF with the details and a chart or graph of your report will be created.

    How do I share my results?

    You can celebrate your progress on social media wherever you see the Twitter or Facebook icons. Tap one of the icons, type your message in the pop-up box that appears, and tap Post to share your information.

    The MOVE!® Coach App also allows you to share PDFs of your Self-Management Module Summaries and Reports. On the PDF you would like to share, tap the box icon with an arrow to see additional ways of sharing besides social media. Based on the features and applications installed on your device that can send PDFs, tap the method you would like to use. Send as you normally share information with these methods.

    Where can I find additional information about other available VA apps?

    Additional information about other available VA Apps can be found on mobile.va.gov/appstore as well as mobile.va.gov in the VA Mobile Apps General FAQs.

    What do I do if I need additional information or help?

    The MOVE! Coach App also has guides for its features built into the app, indicated by the? icon that appears throughout the app. Tap on the ? icon to see resources and explanations.

    If you need assistance with the MOVE! Coach App, dial 877-470-5947 to speak with a VA representative.


    For help with this app, contact the Health Resource Center at:
    Call: 877-470-5947
    Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM - 8PM EST

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