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Connected Care Champions Wanted!

eNewsletter / Winter 2017 - 2018

Connected Care Champions Wanted!

Perhaps you were one of the first to test out the new VA Video Connect application. Or maybe you use My HealtheVet Secure Messaging to communicate with your VA care team. You might even be one of the 700,000 Veterans who attended more than 2 million VA telehealth appointments over the past year.

If so, you’ve experienced Connected Care.

Office of Connected Care programs include VA Mobile, My HealtheVet, VA Telehealth and the VHA Innovation Program. Each program seeks to use digital technologies in ways that enhance the VA health care experience. Combined, Connected Care tools have the potential to extend access to care beyond the traditional office visit, improve the delivery of care and empower Veterans to be equal partners in their care.

Connected Care tools can only reach their full potential if all Veterans, Caregivers and VA care teams know about them. So we’re asking: Will you help us spread the word? Will you be a Connected Care Champion?

With VA’s more than 1,200 sites of care and nearly 9 million Veterans enrolled in VA health care, spreading the word is no small task. But we have four ways you can champion Connected Care tools to your fellow Veterans and even to VA care teams.

  1. Visit our websites to understand what we offer. Then use the social buttons on our sites to share what you learned.
    • The VA App Store on the VA Mobile website now offers dozens of apps for Veterans, Caregivers and VA care teams.
    • With over 4 million registered users, My HealtheVet is VA’s most popular website. That said, we can use your help to communicate the benefits of the health portal to those who don’t use it.
    • VA Telehealth Services are now providing Veterans with nearly 50 types of care.
    • Since its inception, the VHA Innovation Program has compiled a portfolio of 293 innovative ideas and products.
  2. Subscribe to our email newsletters to stay up to date with the latest Connected Care tools. Then forward the emails or talk about what you learned with those you know.
  3. Distribute our promotional toolkit materials through social media or even ask the staff at your facility to display them.
  4. Share Connected Care videos far and wide through social media and email:

If you’ve ever used a VA Mobile app or other Connected Care tool and thought, “Wow, this really makes a difference,” then consider accepting our request. Be a Connected Care Champion to help make a difference for all your fellow Veterans.

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