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Patient Viewer 3.1.0 should not be used for patient care.

If you are a member of a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) care team, the Patient Viewer, Version 3 mobile application (app) will allow you to find information quickly from patients’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from the convenience of a mobile device. The app will help you have a thorough understanding of a patient’s health and gain immediate access to EHR data – both in your VA facility and on the go.

This app is designed for use with VA Mobile tablets. If you have not used your device lately and need help with it, contact the VA Mobile Help Desk 24/7 via web at http://help.vamobile.us, emailing help@vamobile.us, or by calling 844-4VA-MOBILE, (844-482-6624), 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. (CT).

PLEASE NOTE: Patient Viewer is a web app that can be bookmarked on your mobile device. Read the instructions here.


  • Access data from a patient’s EHR such as:
    • Vital Signs
    • Medications
    • Progress Notes
    • Documents and Reports
    • Consults (both by Staff and by Patient)
    • Lab Results
    • Radiology Reports
  • Graph data from your patients’ records, such as vital signs and lab results
  • Enter progress notes from your mobile device
  • View Orders


The following video series provides an overview of training for Patient Viewer. There are 11 sessions including:

  • Patient Record View

    View in-depth records for a specific patient, including Vitals, Medications, Documents, Consults, Labs and Radiology.

  • Staff View

    Switch to Staff View to view information for multiple patients at once, including progress notes that you have not completed through the Task List or consults you have conducted through Staff View – Consults.

  • Coversheet

    A patient’s cover sheet provides an easy, outlined way to view his or her health history and visits to VA medical facilities.

  • Vitals

    View your patient's vital signs (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Weight, Pain, Pulse Oximetry, etc.) as a table or a graph.

  • Medications

    See the medication history for your patient, including the medication name, status, instructions, quantity, refills remaining, date of last filling, date of initial order and whether it was prescribed by a VA or non-VA provider.

  • Documents

    See your patient’s documents, such as discharge summaries, pathology reports, progress notes, radiology reports and surgery reports.

  • Consults

    View a patient’s consults and sort by date range or status.

  • Labs

    View graphs of a patient’s chemistry/hematology lab results, and view written details about a patient’s orders and microbiology results.

  • Radiology Reports

    View a patient’s radiology reports.

  • Enter a Progress Note

    Enter a progress note, or finish a note you started previously.

Beta App Feedback Form

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