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Available Now: Starting on March 23, when using VA Video Connect (VVC) on an Apple (iOS) device, your appointments will take place using a new and enhanced app developed specifically for VA. After March 23, the Pexip app will no longer work for VA video visits.

Important Note: The process for using VVC from all other devices (i.e., desktop computer, laptop, or Android phone) will remain unchanged. VVC encounters will continue to operate on a web-based version when using anything other than an Apple device. The web-based version does not require an app download.

The new VA Video Connect application connects Veterans with their health care team from anywhere, using encryption to ensure a secure and private session. The app makes VA health care more convenient and reduces travel times for Veterans, especially those in very rural areas with limited access to VA health care facilities, and it allows quick and easy health care access from any mobile or web-based device.

To access VA Video Connect on your Apple mobile device, you will need to download the free VA Video Connect iOS app from the App Store. If you previously connected to VA Video Connect through Pexip, you may need to follow these steps to be correctly routed to the new VA Video Connect app

Veterans and their health care providers jointly decide whether to use VA Video Connect for a medical visit. Please confirm with your provider that you can start scheduling appointments on VA Video Connect after the implementation date.

Note: To test whether your personally owned device is compatible with VA Video Connect, visit the VA Video Connect test site on your mobile device.

More information may be found below and on our FAQs page. For questions about and/or technical assistance regarding VA Video Connect, please contact the National Telehealth Technology Help Desk at (866) 651-3180 or 703-234-4483 on Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. through 11 p.m. ET.


  • Participate in video appointments
  • Engage using built-in chat feature

Training material coming soon...

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Video Connect mobile application (app) enables you to connect to a virtual medical room. In the virtual medical room, you participate in video health care visits where a hands-on physical examination is not required. You access your provider on a scheduled date and time – just like a face-to-face meeting in a clinic exam room.
By providing fast, easy, encrypted, real-time access to care in the virtual medical room, VA Video Connect makes it easier for you to choose where you’d like to receive services. By connecting to the virtual medical room through the app, you can see and talk to your VA care team from anywhere, making appointments more convenient and reducing travel and wait times.
To use the VA Video Connect App, you must:
  • Be enrolled in VA health care.
  • Have an email account where the link to the Virtual Medial Room can be sent and accessed to start the video appointment.
VA Video Connect will work on nearly any device that has an internet connection; a web camera, microphone, and speakers (either internal or attached); and a web browser. For example, the app will work on PCs, laptops, iOS mobile devices, Android mobile devices, and Windows mobile devices.
If you are using an Apple mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the free VA Video Connect iOS app from the App Store. Use this link to find more information on downloading the app for your iOS device. No download is needed for non-iOS/Apple devices.
This depends on how long the session is. If possible, connect over Wi-Fi if you have a limited data plan. Talk to your cell phone service carrier if you have questions about data costs and usage.
No, VA Video Connect will work over most lower-bandwidth connections, including cellular data connections, although the quality of the video may be reduced. If cellular data is used, a 3G or 4G connection with at least two (2) connection bars is recommended.
Yes, only invited participants can join a virtual medical room for a visit within VA Video Connect. Participants can always see who has joined. And further, the VA provider can lock the room once all invited participants have arrived, such that no-one else can come.
Yes, VA Video Connect’s virtual medical rooms allow for multiple participants.
To enter the virtual medical room, you will need only the link that is sent to you by email. Future versions of the application will allow you to use your DS Logon username and password to access advanced and personalized features.
Veterans and health care providers jointly decide whether to use VA Video Connect for a medical visit. Once your care team begins offering visits using the VA Video Connect application, you should discuss its use with your provider.
When a VA Video Connect session is scheduled, you will receive an email with a link to join the virtual medical room. The email also includes additional resources to help you learn about and use VA Video Connect. At the time of your appointment, you simply click on the link, enter your name, and launch the session.
No, you cannot use the same link for all VA Video Connect sessions. You will receive a new email invitation to join the virtual medical room for each session. The link in that email should be used.
Appointment confirmations with instructions and links are sent when the appointment is scheduled. You will not receive a reminder with this information. It is recommended that you follow instructions in the email to add the appointment and session information to your calendar. Additionally, you can set up an email folder to save all VA Video Connect invitations so that they are easy to find at the time of your appointment.
The waiting room will be available 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your meeting. Simply click on the link in the email invite you received, and follow the instructions in the quick guide.

For guidance on how to access VA Video Connect when using an Android Device, visit the quick guide. For guidance on how to access VA Video Connect when using an iOS Device, visit the quick guide.
Yes. To send a message by text to your provider while in the video appointment, type your message, and press Enter on your keypad to chat via text with your provider. To hide the Chat Room, tap the down arrow. To unhide the Chat Room, tap the up arrow.
To mute your microphone so your provider cannot hear your audio, tap the microphone icon. A slash through the microphone icon will appear indicating that your microphone is muted. Tap the microphone icon to remove the slash and unmute yourself so your provider can hear your audio.
To hide your video feed so that your provider cannot see you, tap the video camera icon. A slash through the video icon will appear indicating that your video feed is hidden. Tap the video icon to remove the slash and unhide your video feed so your provider can see you.
To exit the video meeting with your provider, tap the red circle with the phone icon. A pop-up Leave Session box will appear. Tap Yes, Leave to leave, or tap No to return to the video meeting. You will go back to the VA Video Connect Login screen after logging out.
VA Mobile Health is a program to improve Veterans’ health by providing technologies to expand care beyond the traditional office visit. As part of VA Mobile Health, VA is releasing a series of secure apps that take advantage of the popularity of wireless technologies to support Veterans, Caregivers and VA care teams.
No. VA created the VA Launchpad to house all mobile apps that connect to CPRS. By signing in to the VA Launchpad once, you can access multiple apps from one location – without having to log in to each one individually.

A built-in information feature is available in the app. Tap the i icon, and a pop-up Information box will appear. Tap Help, and a pop-up Help box will appear with information about how to contact the Help Desk and provide general feedback.

You may also access videos including:

Note that you should never use this app in an emergency situation. If you encounter an emergency, call your local medical center or dial 911. If you feel that your information may have been compromised, contact your local VA facility to obtain the contact information for your Privacy Officer. To locate your local VA facility, visit VA’s Facility Locator: http://www.va.gov/directory/guide/home.asp?isflash=1.

Additional information about other available VA apps can be found on mobile.va.gov/appstore as well as mobile.va.gov/appstore in the VA Mobile Apps General FAQs.

If you have technical trouble using this app, please contact the VA Mobile Health Help Desk for Veterans at (877) 470-5947 and VA Care Teams at (844) 482-6624, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p. m. CT for TTY assistance, dial 711.

Help Desk
VA Care Teams: (844) 482-6624
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Correspondence Address
VA Mobile Health
VHA Office of Connected Care (10P8), 375AA
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
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