Summary of Care App FAQs


Why should I use the Summary of Care App?

The Summary of Care Application (App) allows Veterans and their Caregiver to view specific parts of your VA electronic health record on your mobile device(s). This App helps you and your Caregiver organize various aspects of your health care information and gain an overarching understanding of your needs and progress. With the Summary of Care App, you are able to receive and view your VA medical information – including lab results, medications, allergies, information on past and upcoming appointments, progress notes related to clinic visits, hospital discharge notes, radiology results, and more – in one place and from the convenience of your mobile device(s).

What if I find information that is incorrect on my Contact Information?

Contact the VA facility where you receive care and request they update your information.

Why is information I enter into the Journal App not included in the Summary of Care App?

Only data that is entered at the VA facility into your official VA Electronic Medical Record (EMR) will be displayed in the Summary of Care App.

What if information is missing in the Summary of Care, such as surgeries, medications, or allergies?

Be sure to discuss the missing information with your VA care team so they can include it in your VA EMR. Once entered by the VA care team, the information will be available in the Summary of Care App.

How do I change the date range on the graph or table?

Complete the following steps:

  • Select the Vitals section of the Summary of Care App
  • Select the Custom Date Range
  • You can change the Start Date and/or the End Date by using the date wheel.
  • Select Save from the top right when you are finished. Select Cancel from the top left to disregard changes.

How do I view my Vitals in a table?

Select the Table tab at the top of the center column on the Vitals screen.

Why can’t I see a Radiology Exam I just had done last week?

Radiology Exams are only updated in the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) every two weeks, and should be available after that time.

Why can’t I see the Clinic Notes from my visit yesterday?

Your VA provider may be waiting on results of some tests before completing the note from your visit. Check back in a couple days to view the note.

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