Rx Refill App FAQs


Why should I use the Rx Refill App?

Rx Refill Application (App) provides Veterans with another convenient way to request prescription refills. The App indicates which prescriptions are eligible for refill. Veterans or their Caregiver can then submit refill requests to the VA Mail Order pharmacy directly through this App. Once the refill request is submitted, Veterans will receive their medication through the VA Mail Order Pharmacy.

Why can’t I refill a prescription that has expired?

Prescriptions are only good for a specific length of time, typically 12 months. Once the prescription has expired, the provider needs to evaluate you to determine need to continue on the medication or make adjustments to the medication. Contact your provider if this should occur.

Why don’t I see my prescription on the list to refill?

There are two possible reasons that you may not see your prescription on the list to refill:

  1. You cannot refill the prescription because it has recently been filled or refilled and it is not time for another refill.
  2. The prescription has expired and you need to contact your provider for a new prescription.

Can I request a prescription from my provider through the Rx Refill App that is not listed in the App?

No, you must talk with your provider directly to request a prescription for a medication that is not listed in the App.

How do I refill a prescription?

Sign into the App and select the red Refill button beside the medication you wish to refill.

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