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VA Internal

  • Approved mobile devices for VA Apps (http://go.va.gov/35x6)
  • Provisioning a device (http://go.va.gov/75ja)
  • Mobile Device Baselines (http://go.va.gov/35x6)
  • VA Acronyms (http://vaww.va.gov/acronyms/index.cfm)
  • Code Review Questionnaires (http://go.va.gov/tzr5)

MAE Internal

To recover your MAE password or username:


You must have an MAE JIRA account and be associated with a VA App project to view the following links. If you have a JIRA account and cannot view the pages, ask your JIRA Administrator or your Project Manager to get permission to view them:

Atlassian University

If you have a va.gov email address you can take Atlassian University courses for free: Atlassian University