Pain Coach App FAQs


Why should I use the Pain Coach App?

The Pain Coach Application (App) provides Veterans and their Caregivers with readily available tools to manage pain – whenever it arises. The App includes a pain self-assessment, which will offer recommendations and next steps depending on results. The App also provides educational materials and teaches healthy pain management tools.

Can I generate reports?

The Pain Coach App provides you with a personalized report about your pain assessment results, recommended next steps, skills, tools, and materials to help you manage your pain.

Can I record my pain levels?

With the Pain Coach App, you can document the type of pain you are experiencing, the severity and location of pain, and the impact it is having on your daily activities. You and your Caregiver can then set reminders to self-enter information and share results with your VA care team.

Where do I go within the app to learn about Pain Basics, Pain Goals, and Pain Skills?

If you select the Learn button from the main menu, you will be directed to three sections that will assist you in learning about pain management.

Can I take self-assessments to evaluate my pain?

Yes. Select the Self Assessment button from the main menu. This section of the App will allow you to take a monthly self-assessment, make entries into your pain diary, graph your pain scores, view reports and set up reminders to retake the monthly self-assessment.

How do I print a previous report?

Monthly Pain Assessment Reports can be printed. Select the Pain Reports tab from the Assess screen. Select Monthly Pain Assessment Reports. Select the report that you would like to print. The Print option is available on the top right of the screen.

How do I get a copy of my Summary Pain Report?

Summary Pain Reports can be emailed. Select the Pain Reports tab from the Assess screen. Select Summary Pain Report. You can add filters to your report by selecting the Options button in the top right. You can email the report to yourself or your care provider by selecting the Email Report button on the bottom right.

Can I graph the results of my assessments?

Yes. You can graph your assessment results by going to the Self-Assessment section and selecting Graphs. The default setting is to display results for the past 6 months. You can also select to view your results for the past year. Select the Email button to send the results to yourself or your care provider.

Does the Pain Coach provide methods to manage my pain?

Yes. Several tools and techniques are provided within the Pain Coach App to assist with the management of your pain. You can access all of these tools by selecting the Manage button from the main screen or the bottom tool bar.

Can I track my pain goals?

Yes. Select Goals – My Goals from the main menu. To enter a new goal, select the + symbol from the top right and enter required information.

Can I generate reports on my goals?

Yes. Select Goals – Reports from the main menu. You can view the report on the screen.

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