Helping Veterans Manage Chronic Conditions

eNewsletter / Spring 2018

Helping Veterans Manage Chronic Conditions

Being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition can be disconcerting. You’re understandably worried and possibly overwhelmed by everything you’ve been instructed to do between visits with your VA care team.

VA knows this, and that’s why we are developing digital tools to help Veterans manage chronic conditions. Three new VA apps are currently in the final stages of testing and are expected to be available later this year.

Here's a quick look at each:

  • MobileKidney helps Veterans with chronic kidney disease (CKD) keep track of measures associated with kidney health, including blood pressure, weight and glucose levels. It includes notifications you can set so you don’t forget to take and record your readings. Managing CKD also depends on understanding the disease and the lifestyle changes that are needed to protect your kidneys. The app’s Learn More feature offers many educational resources from the VA eKidney Clinic. You can find more information about this app on the MobileKidney page of the VA App Store.

  • VA FitHeart is designed to help Veterans with heart conditions improve heart health through healthy lifestyle activities and education. It’s based on a 12-week, fitness-based cardiac rehabilitation program. With the app’s tools, you can keep track of physical activities and heart health measures, like pulse, blood pressure, mood and more. One Veteran said during app testing, “It encouraged me to do what I was supposed to do – to keep track of things and to actually exercise because I had to record it.”

  • VA Pain Coach has tools to help Veterans who are coping with severe and chronic pain. When battling pain, it can be hard to remember the last time you had a good day, and the risk of becoming dependent on pain medications is real. This app lets you keep track of your daily pain levels, treatments used, mood, sleep and more. It also includes educational information about pain management and a toolbox of seven proven alternative strategies for managing pain.

All three of these new apps will be accessible on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. They improve care coordination between you and your VA care team and are not intended to be a substitute for clinical judgement or replace in-person visits with your VA care teams.

Stay tuned to the VA App Store to learn more about these and other VA apps.

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