Field Test


In the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) Field test you install the App in a mirror of the production environment and have the target audience test it. It is similar to a Beta test.

Most VA Apps must enter and successfully exit an IOC Field Test after successfully completing the Preproduction Simulation. Apps that VA determines pose no risk to safety and security may be eligible to skip IOC entry and use Compliance Review approval to satisfy IOC exit. VA is currently updating and streamlining the legacy IOC Field Test process for VA Apps. We will be updating this section regularly as these processes are finalized. If you have an MAE JIRA account you can view the latest internal IOC workflow by visiting:

Perform IOC Field Testing

These are the general IOC Field Test tasks:

  1. The VHA Release Management Team for IOC determines if the App requires IOC Entry Approval. For some very-low risk Apps, passing Compliance Review is sufficient.
    1. If it does not require IOC Entry Approval, the Project Manager prepares an IOC exit document based on Compliance Review reports.
    2. If it does require an IOC Field Test, the Project Manager submits the IOC Artifacts to obtain VHA Release Management approval for IOC entry.
  2. The Release Manager submits a request for a Field Test.
  3. The Information Technology Operations Manager installs the Field Test system components.
  4. End Users test the App. For VA Apps, IOC Field Testing does not necessarily occur at VA sites; End Users may be recruited from multiple sites.
  5. When the App passes all testing, the Project Manager submits the App for VHA Release Management and Enterprise System Engineering approval.