Annie Self-Subscribe Protocols - This new capability of Annie expected by March 2019


A Self Subscribed protocol can be assigned by a Veteran who is already enrolled in Annie or be assigned by a Clinician/VA Staff. Your Clinician will create a unique name or keyword for the protocol which you can then text in order to subscribe (example: weight or med).

First you need to:

Text Subscribe or SUB “protocol keyword”


Text Subscribe or Sub, then Annie will ask you to reply with the protocol keyword. If you do not know the protocol keyword, Annie will send a link with a list of self-subscribed protocols that you can choose from. Next use this keyword to text to Annie as described above.

You may be asked to choose the time you receive the text message or your Clinician may choose the schedule for you.

Last, reply OK to complete the self-assignment of the protocol.

Annie Protocols Available for Self-Subscription
Num Name Description Keyword Duration Estimated Number of Weekly Text Messages
1 Smoking Cessation This protocol is designed to help the patient to stop smoking within 6 months. It includes activities to help maintain weight during the protocol period. Tobacco 6 months 15
2 Weight Loss This protocol is designed to help the patient to lose ten pounds within a 3 month time period. Weight 3months 10

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