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Lock Icon - DS Logon Required Apps for Health Care Professionals that display a lock icon require VistA account credentials because they connect to the VA Electronic Health Record (EHR). 

The MobileKidney mobile application (app) is an easy way to track personal health information associated with kidney health, learn more about your kidney health and other disease topics. If you are a Veteran, the MobileKidney App also allows you to enter, view and track personal information to monitor your own health and share health information with your VA Care Team.

MobileKidney is not currently available. Please check back for updates.


  • Track your personal health information associated with kidney health, including blood pressure and pulse, weight and glucose
  • Create kidney tracker-specific notifications to remind yourself to log health information in the app
  • View notifications from your VA Care Team
  • Share your health information with your VA Care Team
  • Learn about kidney health and disease topics such as general kidney information, nutrition, laboratory, social work services, pharmacy and treatments
  • Kidney Trackers

    Track your blood pressure and pulse, weight and glucose.

  • Tracking Entries

    Enter the details of each reading as well as any other information you’d like to include.

  • Entry Notifications

    Set notifications to remind yourself to enter and track data related to your kidneys.

  • Kidney Tracking Information Graph

    View your progress in either graph or table form. Add filters to narrow results.

  • View Notifications

    Receive motivational messages from VA and/or notifications you have set for yourself.

  • Notification Settings

    Set notifications based on your preferences.

  • Learn More

    Access quick tips and information on ways to improve the condition of your kidneys.

The MobileKidney mobile application (app) allows Veterans to monitor their own kidney health and share data with their VA Care Team.
The app offers an easy way to track personal health information associated with kidney health, learn about kidney health, and disease topics and share your health information with your VA Care Team.
To use the MobileKidney App you must be enrolled in VA health care and have ID.me, DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) or My HealtheVet Premium Account credentials. MobileKidney accesses your VA Electronic Health Record (EHR) and therefore, for your security, requires ID.me, DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) or My HealtheVet Premium Account credentials. If you do not have a ID.me, DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) or My HealtheVet Premium Account, or you are not sure, visit mobile.va.gov/login-information for more information.
The Welcome screen contains notifications and a summary of your blood pressure/pulse, weight, and glucose readings. From the App Options (four-line icon in upper left corner) you can view the app’s features including Kidney Trackers, Notifications and Learn More. From the User Menu (four-line icon with silhouette in upper right corner) you can access information about the MobileKidney App, which include Help, and Resources. You can also access Quick Tips and information on ways to improve your kidney condition.
Tap the App Options menu, and then tap Kidney Trackers to open your Kidney Trackers screen. Tap Blood Pressure/Pulse, Weight, Glucose or Kidney Journal. Tap the + icon, and enter the details of your entry. Tap Save.
The information you enter will depend on the topic you selected but can include Date and Time, Systolic/Diastolic, Pulse (bpm), Position, Weight (in lbs.), Numeric/Non-Numeric Values for Glucose, and any other details you would like to include.
When you go to the Blood Pressure/Pulse, Weight, Glucose or Kidney Journal screens, you will see Notifications with a bell icon next to it marked as either (On) or (Off). Tap Notification, and you will go to a Notification screen where you can set or change your notification preferences for the topic you are currently viewing:
  • On or Off – Tap the circle next to On or Off. (NOTE: You can only access the subsequent options if your notifications are on).
  • Start Date – Either (1) type in a date in the MM/DD/YYYY line, or (2) tap the calendar icon. On the pop-up calendar that appears, scroll to the date you would like to select, and tap Set.
  • Notify Me – Tap the Select bar, and a drop-down list will appear. Tap either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Notification Time – Either (1) type in the time in the HH:MM AM/PM line, or (2) tap the clock icon. On the pop-up clock that appears, scroll to select the hour and minute. Tap AM or PM, and then tap Set.
  • Notification Delivery – Tap the checkbox next to either In-App or Email.

Tap Save to record your preferences or Cancel to close without saving.

When viewing the Kidney Trackers screen, you’ll see the information you previously entered for each category outlined in a table. To change the table to a graph view, tap Options then Graph.
The app allows you to set notifications to receive motivational messages or reminders you set for yourself about a specific health entry.
When you log into the app, you will see a count of your unread notifications received within the last 30 days. To access your notifications, you can either tap Notifications on the Home screen, or tap the App Options menu (four-line icon in the upper left corner). On the slide-out menu, tap Notifications. Tap the category of notifications you would like to view: All Notifications, MobileKidney App Notices or VA Health Messages.
Tap the App Options menu (four-line icon in the upper left corner), and tap Notifications from the slide-out menu. Next to the Notifications heading, tap the gear icon. Type in your email address. Tap the bar under Time Zone, and tap an option from the drop-down menu that appears. To choose whether you would like to receive messages to improve your health, tap the circle next to either Yes or No. Tap Save.
Under the Learn More feature, you can access Quick Tips and information on ways to improve the condition of your kidneys. To access the Learn More screen, tap the App Options menu (four-line icon in the upper left corner). Tap Learn More from the slide-out menu that appears. Another slide-out menu will appear where you can tap one of the six categories you would like to learn more about: Kidney Info, Nutrition, Laboratory, Social Work Services, Pharmacy or Treatment. The Learn More screen on the right will change to the title of the category, and you will see a list of topics related to the category. If you tap a topic within the list, more information will expand beneath. Some topics also contains hyperlinks, which you can tap and will open VA-recommended websites, resources or additional apps in a new browser.
VA Mobile Health is a program to improve Veterans’ health by providing technologies to expand care beyond the traditional office visit. As part of VA Mobile Health, VA is releasing a series of secure apps that take advantage of the popularity of wireless technologies to support Veterans, Caregivers and VA Care Teams.
No. VA created the VA Launchpad to house all mobile apps that connect to CPRS. By signing in to the VA Launchpad once, you can access multiple apps from one location – without having to log in to each one individually.

A built-in user guide is available in the app by tapping the User Menu (four-line icon with silhouette in upper right corner). A slide-out menu will appear. Tap Help. A pop-up Help box will appear. Tap the User Guide hyperlink, which will open up a new browser window where you can access additional instructions for using the app. More resources, such as a Quick Start Guide, Slideshow and FAQs, can be found on mobile.va.gov/appstore, and search for the app to access the resources.

If you do not have a ID.me, DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) or My HealtheVet Premium Account, or you are not sure, visit mobile.va.gov/login-information for more information.

If you need assistance with the MobileKidney App, dial 1-877- 470-5947 to speak with a VA representative. The Help Desk is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. For TTY assistance, dial 711. For clinical questions regarding your personal medical information, please contact your VA Care Team.

Additional information about other available VA Apps can be found on mobile.va.gov/appstore as well as mobile.va.gov in the VA Mobile Apps General FAQs.

DS Logon is a secure ID that allows you to log in to multiple VA and DoD websites and apps using a single username and password. DS Logon Accounts are available to Servicemembers, Veterans and Caregivers. A DS Logon Level 1 (Basic) Account provides access to some features on some websites. A DS Logon Level 2 (Premium) Account is required before you can view personal information in VA and DoD systems. Any VA App that connects to VA’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) requires a DS Logon Level 2 Account.

If you do not have a DS Logon, or you are not sure, you can visit https://mobile.va.gov/login-information#info-dslogon for more information.

My HealtheVet is VA’s online Personal Health Record-designed for Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, their dependents and Caregivers-to help manage health care, partner with VA care teams and provide opportunities and tools to make informed decisions about their health. My HealtheVet allows you to access your official VA electronic health record and/or create your own health record with self-entered information (like your health history and allergies) using tracking tools.

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