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VA Mental Health Checkup for Veterans

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The Mental Health Checkup application (app) for Veterans allows Veterans to monitor, assess and access information for mental health conditions. The app helps Veterans evaluate symptoms related to the mental health condition they would like to treat without having to leave their home. By completing information in the app’s provider assigned assessments, Veterans can view results and real time feedback related to their mental health condition.


  • Complete assigned assessments from your VA Care Team
  • View completed assessments
  • Graph multiple completed assignments over time

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  • View Assigned Assessments

    View assessments assigned to you by your VA providers. Toggle between views using the tabs:

    • Due: Assessments ready for completion
    • Completed: Submitted assessments
    • Assigned: Upcoming assessments (not yet due)
  • Complete Assessments

    Complete assessments assigned by your VA providers.

  • View Assessment Results

    View your assessment results and receive follow-up instructions from your provider.

  • Graph Assessment Results

    View a graph of your completed assessments of the same type over time.

Mental Health Checkup is a web-based app that allows Veterans to take a variety of mental health assessments from the comfort and convenience of home. You can complete assessments assigned by your provider and receive scores and feedback in real time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The app allows you to view and complete mental health assessments assigned by your VA provider(s). You can complete assessments without logging in to the Patient Portal by using the direct links included in your text or email notifications. You can also use the Patient Portal to complete assessments, view assessment results, and receive follow-up information from your provider(s) about your results.
Within the Patient Portal, select the Assigned tab on the home screen to view upcoming assessments assigned by your provider(s). You will see the number of assigned assessments next to the tab name and below that, a table with each assessment’s due date, name, the name of your provider, and assessment frequency.

There are two ways you can complete an assessment: through a direct link or through the Patient Portal.

To complete an assessment using a direct link, select the link provided in the email or text notification you received. This will take you directly to the assessment, where you can complete and submit your responses without logging in.

To complete an assessment using the Patient Portal, you must log in using your secure logon credentials (, DS Logon Level 2 (Premium), or My HealtheVet Premium). Select the Due tab on the home screen. Find the assessment you would like to complete in your list of due assessments, then select Complete to begin taking an assessment that is due. A list of questions will appear asking for information related to the specific mental health condition you and your VA provider are monitoring. To complete the questions, select a response, then select Next. Continue this process until you come to the end of the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questions, select Submit to submit the assessment. Once the assessment has been submitted, it will be scored, saved, and available to your provider. A confirmation page will appear, which may include scored results of your assessment.

When you complete an assessment using a direct link, you may see some immediate feedback on your results. To access additional details and feedback, you must log in to the Patient Portal.

Within the Patient Portal, select the Completed tab on the home screen to view all your completed assessments. You will see the number of completed assignments next to the tab name. The number of completed assessments with new feedback from your provider will be displayed in the section header. Select View to the right of an assessment to view the completed details page. Once you have viewed the completed details page for an assessment, it will be considered reviewed and will not appear in the new count.

You can view your completed assessment as a graph within the Patient Portal. Select View Assessment Score Historical Graphs above the assessment table, then select View as Graph in the top right corner above the assessment chart. To expand an assessment table, select the name of the assessment you would like to expand. A line graph of the assessment will appear. You can filter the line graph by number of assessments or by date range. To view your completed assessments as a table, select View as Table in the top right corner above the assessment chart.
From anywhere in the app, select Help in the top right corner of the screen. A pop-up Help box will appear detailing the app’s supported browsers, Help Desk information, and Emergency information. Select Close to return to the screen you were viewing.

If you are in crisis, select Crisis Support from anywhere in the app for help finding the resources you need.
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If you need any help or technical assistance using the Mental Health Checkup app for Veterans, dial 1-877-470-5947 to speak with a VA representative.

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