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Scheduling Manager

NOTE: You must be on the VA network in order to launch the app through your internet browser.
Lock Icon - DS Logon Required Apps for Health Care Professionals that display a lock icon require VistA account credentials because they connect to the VA Electronic Health Record (EHR). 

The Scheduling Manager app allows Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) schedulers to receive, schedule and cancel appointment requests sent by patients through VA Online Scheduling (VAOS). With the app, schedulers may also securely send messages to patients who are using VA Online Scheduling. Scheduling Manager is primarily used by schedulers designated by their site as VA Online Scheduling Request Managers. Visit the VA Online Scheduling app page for a list of sites where VAOS is currently available.

Guidance Change for VA Video Connect Scheduling: Schedulers should use Virtual Care Manager rather than Scheduling Manager as the second step in creating a VA Video Connect visit. The first step continues to require the use of the VistA Scheduling GUI to ensure appointments are scheduled in VistA.


  • Schedule VA and Community Care appointment requests that Veterans submit through VA Online Scheduling
  • Send messages about appointments and scheduling to patients who are using VA Online Scheduling
  • Create VA Video Connect (VVC) appointment links

Scheduling Manager Demo for VA Schedulers

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  • Schedule VA Appointments

    View and book VA appointment requests submitted by patients through VA Online Scheduling.

  • Schedule Community Care Appointments

    Confirm Community Care eligibility and schedule Community Care appointments.

  • Cancel VA Appointments

    Cancel a future VA appointment.

  • Resolve Community Care Appointment Requests

    Choose a Resolve or Cancel option for a requested Community Care appointment.

  • Resolve VA Appointment Requests

    Choose a Resolve or Cancel option for a requested VA appointment.

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Exposure Ed delivers information on military-related exposures to health care providers.

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Veterans may have been exposed to a range of chemical, physical, and environmental hazards during service, and providers can use this tool to have an informed discussion with Veterans about their individual exposure-related concerns and potential impacts on their health.

Providers can also access information on exposure-related programs and benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and help Veterans assess their participation eligibility. This application should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

This tool was created by the Veteran's Health Administration - the nation's leading provider of Veterans' health care.

  • Exposure Ed App Screen Capture
  • Exposure Ed App Screen Capture
  • Exposure Ed App Screen Capture
  • Exposure Ed App Screen Capture
  • Exposure Ed App Screen Capture

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  • Getting to Know the App

    The Exposure Ed App Home screen has three icons: Exposures, Date/Location and Conflicts. Tap the icons to find information about exposures organized by the type of exposure (such as Agent Orange or extreme heat), the date and location of a Veteran’s service or the conflict in which he or she served.

  • Using the Menu

    The Menu will always be available at the bottom of your screen. Tap the Menu, and a slide-out menu will appear. The menu allows you to go to the Home, Notes, VA Locator, Provider Tips, Bookmarks, Tutorial, About and Feedback screens. Tap each option to view more information.

  • Creating Notes

    The Notes option lets you select and save information from the app to share with your patient. Tap Add to Note that appears at the bottom of the information you would like to save. A pop up notification will appear informing you that a note has been created, which you can find in the Notes section, accessible from the menu. The note shows you the content you saved and the date and time you saved it. You can email, print or delete your notes.

  • Accessing Provider Tips

    Tap Provider Tips from the menu to view the following information: Questions to Ask the Veteran, Create a Care Plan, Risk Communication Tips and Useful Resources. Tap each option to see more.

  • Getting More Information

    The Bookmarks section links to websites and resources with more information about environmental exposures and programs for Veterans. Tap each resource to go directly to it.

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PFA Mobile was designed to assist responders who provide psychological first aid (PFA) to adults, families, and children as part of an organized response effort. This app provides responders with summaries of PFA fundamentals, PFA interventions matched to specific concerns and needs of survivors, mentor tips for applying PFA in the field, a self-assessment tool for readiness to conduct PFA, and a survivors' needs form for simplified data collection and easy referral.

PFA Mobile was created by VA's National Center for PTSD in partnership with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and DoD's National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

  • PFA Mobile Home Screen
  • PFA Mobile Core Actions Screen
  • PFA Mobile Survivor Stress Screen
  • PFA Mobile PFA Guidelines Screen

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