VA Video Connect Already Helps Thousands

eNewsletter / Winter 2017 - 2018

VA Video Connect Already Helps Thousands

The nationwide rollout of VA Video Connect began in July and has already helped thousands of Veterans get the care they need via secure, live video telehealth appointments.

In the first five months, a total of 8,067 Veterans attended 24,752 VA Video Connect appointments with more than 2,100 VA care team members.

The application’s release couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. In the immediate aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, VA activated its emergency response system, which included telehealth and in some instances VA Video Connect, as part of the emergency response system.

“The bottom line is that telehealth is meeting Veterans where they are,” said Dr. Leonie Heyworth, VA’s acting national telehealth advisor for primary care. “We are making things flexible and convenient for them.”

Dr. Heyworth is one of the many VA clinicians across the country who used VA Video Connect and other video technologies to hold virtual health care appointments with Veterans in the hurricane regions. Watch her story in this video:

With VA Video Connect on a desktop, smartphone or tablet, Veterans can participate in video appointments that are encrypted to ensure a secure, private session. The application’s rollout will continue until all VA facilities are on board.

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